Hold the Rope

Keep the rhino in place and prevent it from getting away in the Hold the Rope game! Track the men's power meter and boost their strength to hold the rope!

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About Hold the Rope Game

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The strong men must keep the rhino from running away in the Hold the Rope game! Rhinos are sturdy and tough animals, and it is almost impossible to match their strength. However, with the help of a rope and their combined forces, a group of men is trying to hold the wild rhino back from running off on its own and getting hurt. Can you give them a hand?

Your goal is to hold the rhino back by boosting every man's power for as much time as possible without letting it escape. You can now prove how strong you are and keep the rope steady against one of the sturdiest creatures in the world!

How to Play

To hold back the rhino, use your mouse. The strong animal will pull on the rope with all its power, but you can fight against it by rapidly clicking on the men at the other end of the binds. The more time you hold, the more points you receive, so try your best to keep the men on full pulling power.

You can keep track of each man's power by looking at the bubble meters above their heads. If one of the five men remains powerless and you haven't boosted his strength, he will pull all the others down with him, and it will be game over.

If you're looking for a challenge or want to compete against your friends, try beating each other's time records. Your instincts and quick reflexes might kick in in the second or third round, so don't give up and keep pulling!

Are you ready to show off your power and keep the rhino in place? Only the strongest people can compete with the force of nature!