A Cupid's Day

Help the love messenger bring love on Valentine's Day in A Cupid's Day game! Just grab an arrow and shoot the floating hearts to collect them!

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About A Cupid's Day Game

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Love is in the air, and the love messenger must shoot some hearts in A Cupid's Day game! Every Valentine's Day, the lovely Cupid must take out his special arrows and bring love to people! Will you give him a hand?

Your job is to collect as many floating hearts as possible by shooting them with arrows! In this game, you can practice your aim and send the lucky darts straight through people's willing hearts!

How to Play

You can control Cupid's direction by clicking around the blue sky. Then, click on him to shoot an arrow and pop the cloud around the floating heart. The darts only move downwards, so you must align your shot perfectly to release the heart!

The red hearts will float away if you don't collect them in time. So you'll need to shoot them with an arrow again once they're out of the cloud. If they float too high, you'll miss them and lose points.

Unfortunately, Cupid's wings are tiny, so you must collect hearts to keep him in the air. If your arrows miss, he'll grow tired and slowly begin descending. Once he flies too low to shoot any floating heart, it will be game over!

Can you take on Cupid's job and bring joy to people on Valentine's Day? After all, love only takes shooting a few hearts!