Summer Walk

Guide the little birds on a meadow adventure in the Summer Walk game! Jump over obstacles, pop magical bubbles, and dodge wasps for endless fun!

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About Summer Walk Game

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In the beautiful game "Summer Walk", little birds go on an adventure, walking over soft meadows. But their journey isn't just a walk in the park. Along the way, they'll find obstacles on the ground and in the air, and they need your help to keep going!

You are their guiding friend! Your job is to help the birds jump over challenges, catch yummy cherries, and avoid those pesky wasps.

How to Play

To make the birds jump, just roll your mouse over them. It's like magic!

When you see things blocking the birds' path on the ground, quickly roll your mouse over the birds so they can leap over them. But remember, the sky has surprises too! Watch out for wasps. They want to sting the birds, which is no fun at all.

At the same time, look for the special bubbles in the sky. The Cherry bubble is super special. If your birds jump and touch it 3 times, it pops! Inside, there's a tasty cherry that gives the birds more energy.

There's also a Star bubble. If a bird touches it, they get a shield for a little while. But this bubble is quick! So, jump fast.

What else you should know

Always keep an eye on the birds' energy. There's a bar that shows it. When the bar becomes empty, the game is over. So, try to grab as many cherries as possible.

Jumping just right can help the birds touch the bubbles. And always remember, cherries are not just yummy; they give energy. The more energy, the longer the walk!

So, are you ready to help the little birds have the best walk ever? Let's go and have some fun together!