Help the samurai defeat his powerful enemies in the Swordsman game! Slash ninjas with your sword and avoid their attacks to become the greatest warrior!

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About Swordsman Game

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The samurai must defeat his enemies to protect his honor in the Swordsman game! As the lonely samurai travels across the country, he's being followed and attacked by dangerous ninjas. Can you give him a hand in defeating them?

Your job in this game is to avoid the ninja attacks and slash them with the samurai's sword! This dynamic activity will test your quick reflexes, so focus and cut all the enemies in your way like a trained samurai!

How to Play

As the swift ninjas attack you, use your mouse to perform one of these actions:

 - Attack: Click on the enemies.

 - Jump: Click on the swordsman.

The enemies are unpredictable and will appear suddenly, so try to be on your guard and make a move as soon as you spot them!

Every time the swordsman gets injured, his health will deplete. You can only take five hits before his health bar empties, and it's game over! There is no way to replenish it, so you can only avoid attacks, or you will lose and have to start over.

You'll notice the ninjas wear different colors, which indicate what type of attack they'll deliver. The light pink enemies will throw a ninja star which you must jump over, while the grey ones can only be defeated with your sword. The more ninjas you eliminate and attacks you avoid, the more points you'll receive.

So, are you ready to fight alongside the samurai and defend his honor? Let the warrior in you take over and defeat all the enemies!