Dive into a world of bouncy red and yellow bubbles in Ferry Halim's Floats game! Use your magic drawing powers to group them into big, happy floats.

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About Floats Game

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Have you ever seen colorful bubbles floating around and wished you could play with them? In Ferry Halim's Floats game, you can do just that! Imagine a world full of bouncy red and yellow bubbles called "floats" that love to move around.

Your mission is to use your magic drawing powers to capture these floats and make them join together! The ultimate goal is to create two big bubbles, one yellow and one red.

How to Play

When you're ready to start, click your mouse and begin drawing. You can draw any fun shape you want, like circles, hearts, or even stars!

The goal is to draw around groups of floats that are the same color. So if you see a bunch of yellow floats close together, try to draw a shape around them.

But remember, the floats are always moving, so it might be a little tricky! If you do it right, the small floats will come together to form a bigger float.

You also have to be quick! There's a timer, and you only have 50 seconds in each level to turn all the little floats into two big ones – a big red float and a big yellow float.

Here's a tip: keep an eye on the moving floats and try to predict where they'll go. This way, you can draw your shapes more easily and capture more floats at once!

So, are you ready to make some big colorful bubbles? Dive in and let the floaty fun begin!