An Early Spring

Experience the life of a dragonfly in the An Early Spring game! Fly around and feed the smaller insects while avoiding the rhino beetles at all costs!

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About An Early Spring Game

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Enjoy a peaceful flight in a field of fresh flowers with An Early Spring game! Dragonflies are some of the most beautiful insects, with their delicate, shiny wings and elegant shape. Have you ever wanted to fly alongside one of these stunning creatures? Now you can disconnect from the worries of your daily life and experience the life of a dragonfly!

The game consists of a relaxing journey among flower petals and stems. In this charming environment, you will control two mature dragonflies as they try to feed smaller and younger insects. All this while avoiding the dangerous rhinoceros beetles!

How to Play

There's nothing more relaxing than flying among the flowers in spring. Besides, it's also easy! Here is what you have to do:

 - Mouse cursor: Control both dragonflies.

The two adult dragonflies will fly together everywhere. However, you can only control one of them. Therefore, you have to coordinate your moves perfectly to accomplish your goal of feeding the baby dragonflies. 

Whenever you are directly above one, make them bump against each other two release a ball of food. If you're fast and agile enough, the tiny insect below will catch the grub, and you'll get points! What is more, the higher you are when you drop the food, the more points you'll get.

However, you should watch out for the nasty beetles flying all around! As opposed to the graceful dragonflies, they're spikey and clunky. Therefore, your dragonflies will get hurt if they touch them. Every time you bump into a rhino beetle, one of your three lives will be gone. Whenever you run out, the game is over. Yikes!

What else you should know

Nevertheless, there's a way to defend your insects from the rhino's horns. If you pay close attention, you can pick up the glowing orbs in this spring garden. They'll protect you against the dangerous touch of the beetles for a while!

Now that you know all the rules, you can frolic around the serene field filled with blooming flowers whenever you want. Flying with the dragonflies will help you forget all about your worries while improving your coordination and precision.

This artwork of a game can make you more relaxed and fill you with a sense of wonder!