High Delivery

🎈 Guide a magical balloon to collect dancing sky flowers in the High Delivery game! Experience a dreamy cloud adventure filled with wonder and fun.

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About High Delivery Game

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In Ferry Halim's High Delivery game, a balloon floats high up in the sky, carrying a little bottle by its side. Isn't that fun? Flowers dance in the air, waiting to hop inside the bottle and become the prettiest bouquet. The kind wind blows, guiding the balloon to gather all the beautiful flowers.

As the balloon's friend, your job is to guide it, help it collect flowers, and see it finish its journey safely. Can you help gather the prettiest bouquet before the balloon reaches the gate?

How to Play

Your trusty fan is what you'll use. Move your mouse, and your fan will follow!

Here's the fun part: As the balloon drifts, your job is to guide it using the fan. Blow it towards those dancing flowers and watch them jump into the bottle! It's like collecting stars from the sky.

But remember, every journey has an end. For our balloon, it's a magical gate high up in the clouds. Once the balloon reaches it, your flower-collecting adventure pauses to show how well you did!

Remember, the wind and your fan are your best friends. Use them wisely! The more flowers you gather, the happier your balloon journey will be.

So, are you ready for this skyward quest? Lift up in the sky and see how many flowers you can collect. It's a journey full of wonder, waiting just for you! Happy flying!