Cranky Crabs

Prove your bravery while on holiday with the Cranky Crabs game! Use your yo-yo as a weapon and avoid the beach balls to claim back your spot in the sand!

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About Cranky Crabs Game

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Have fun in the sun while defending your spot on the beach with the Cranky Crabs game! If you're on a quest to become more confident and stand up for yourself, you should try this fun and quirky challenge. While set against the backdrop of a sunny beach and crashing waves, the game will make you feel like you're on holiday!

If a crab has ever bitten you or stolen your stuff while on the beach, you can get sweet revenge! More precisely, your mission will be to hunt the clawed foes using your trusty yo-yo. Given the cheerful music and the inspired sound effects, this challenge will feel just like a vacation!

How to Play

To win the battle against the intruders and their claws, here's what you have to do:

 - Mouse cursor: Control the protagonist.

 - Spacebar: Jump over obstacles.

 - Click: Hit your clawed opponents or gather power-ups.

 - A key: Switch to low-quality mode. (Use this if your game is too slow!)

Hopefully, you can pay attention to many things at the same time! While hunting down the pesky crabs, you'll have to move around and jump to avoid all the obstacles on the beach. The rolling coconuts and beach balls will hurt you if they touch you. As a result, you'll lose one of your three lives. When you run out, the game will be over. Auch!

However, you'll also come across hidden treasures among the dunes! Every once in a while, a green or yellow frisbee will pop out of the sand. If you can click it before it disappears, you'll get extra lives or some bonus seconds to the timer. How quick can you be?

After playing a few of these 1-minute challenges on the beach, you'll discover that you're more relaxed and cheerful. In fact, you might feel like you came back from your dream seaside holiday. Of course, you won't be tan, but you'll certainly be more agile than ever!