A Dog for All Seasons

Guide playful pups through every season in A Dog for All Seasons game! Help them dodge obstacles, jump high, and enjoy their year-round adventure.

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About A Dog for All Seasons Game

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Every season is playtime for a dog! In A Dog for All Seasons game, watch as our furry friends happily run and jump, no matter if it's spring, summer, fall, or winter. These four pups (or maybe it's the same playful pup?) love to explore, and they need your help to guide them through each season safely.

Your job is to lead these energetic dogs, making sure they dodge obstacles and keep running happily. See those red balls? They can be tricky! But with your help, our pups can leap over them with joy.

How to Play

To get started, you'll use your mouse. Clicking on a spot makes a dog run to that place. Want all the dogs to line up? Just press and hold your mouse button, and watch them come together!

Now, for the fun part! Dogs love jumping, right? When those red balls come up, tap the spacebar, and all your dogs will jump together. Sometimes, you might need a bigger jump. For that, press the spacebar and then quickly click on the path. This will make the dog leap even further!

Timing is everything! Watch the dogs and the red balls closely. Sometimes, it's best to line up the dogs to make sure they all jump safely. Remember, the long jump can be super helpful when there are many obstacles close together.

Are you ready for a tail-wagging, season-hopping adventure? Help our pups enjoy every moment of the year and show them the way home. Let's  have a barking good time!