Bum Bum Koala

Help the koala bear swing along bamboo trees in the Bum Bum Koala game! Move from one bamboo tree to another, and avoid hitting any snails!

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About Bum Bum Koala Game

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The koala must jump from one bamboo stick to another in the Bum Bum Koala game! It is well known that the koala bear loves hanging on tall bamboo sticks and eating its leaves, but the snails started climbing up to occupy the trees! Can you give the adorable koala a hand?

Your job in this game is to avoid the snails by going up and down on or switching between bamboo trees! With some practice and agility, you'll find the perfect tree for the tiny koala!

How to Play

You can move your cursor up and down to help the koala climb the length of the bamboo stick. To slide down to the base of the tree, click and hold. However, if the snails occupy both sides of the bamboo cane, the koala must switch between trees and jump to the trees on the left and right. You can do that by pointing your cursor in a specific direction and clicking once to leap.

You must avoid bumping into any snail when moving around the bamboo sticks. If you hit any, you'll fall off the tree and lose one life. Unfortunately, you only have three lives, so try to preserve them and dodge the tiny creatures.

You can also collect power-ups to improve your experience. There are only three types:

 - The Paw: Gives you double speed.

 - The Clock: Adds extra seconds to your timer.

 - The Flashing Star: Gives the koala a body shield and protects him from the snails.

Although you have a time limit, there is no pressure. The better you do, the more time you get. For instance, with every five hundred points you obtain, your timer will be extended by twenty seconds.

Are you ready to swing along bamboo sticks with your new fluffy friend? No snail can stand in your way!