Windy Days

Help the boy control his kite in the Windy Days game! Move the toy up and down to collect points and avoid the unpredictable birds in the sky!

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About Windy Days Game

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The boy can't wait to fly his kite high in the sky in the Windy Days game! The weather is perfect for a fun activity like kite flying. However, the sky is filled with birds of all shapes and sizes, which can ruin the boy's toy! Can you help him fly his kite?

Your role is to control the height of the boy's kite and avoid hitting any birds with it. The wind and the birds are unpredictable, so keeping the toy in the air will be a tricky challenge!

How to Play

You can click on the left side of the screen to make the kite go higher or the right side to lower its height. Unfortunately, the birds fly all over the blue sky, so you must move constantly and avoid hitting any.

You have three lives, which will deplete once a bird bumps into the kite. Although they seem easy to avoid, the winged creatures might fly up and down and smack into the boy's toy. Once you run out of lives, it is game over.

While flying the boy's kite, you can collect stars to increase your score. If you see a flashing circle, grab it to enter the bonus round. During it, you can click on the stars to add points to your high score without any birds in sight!

It's a fine day for a fun activity like kite flying! Will you put a smile on the boy's face and keep the toy in the air for a long time?