Silent Water

Guide your ship to victory in the Silent Water game! Drop missiles underwater to destroy the enemy submarines and avoid getting hit by their rockets!

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About Silent Water Game

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The opponent's submarines are trying to destroy your ship in the Silent Water game! During the war, enemies would win fights from underwater by sending rockets toward the vessels at the surface. However, new weapons have been built against such attacks, and a ship can destroy a submarine just as quickly. Will you manage to fend off the enemies?

Your role in this game is to drop rockets underwater and destroy as many enemy submarines as possible while avoiding their hits. Although it might seem easy, timing is the most significant aspect of this challenge! The opponents won't stand a chance against your powerful missiles!

How to Play

To launch the missiles toward your enemies, use your mouse. Just click to release a rocket under the water and hit your opponent's submarines. If you hit none, the missile will sink to the bottom of the ocean.

This game is all about timing and how well you can predict your enemy's moves. In other words, you must time the launch of your rocket and make sure it will land on a moving submarine. If you aim right, the target will be destroyed, and you'll gain points.

However, the enemies will also shoot back, so sail from side to side to avoid their attacks. Once you get hit, your ship will explode, and it will be game over!

And one last thing: you can only shoot missiles after a short cooldown. The meter in the top right corner of your screen will show you when your next rocket is ready. However, if it's empty, you cannot release another missile.

Now that you know all the tricks, will you be able to defeat the submarines? It's time to sink the enemy to the bottom of the ocean!