The Perilous Voyage

Keep the ship out of harm's way in The Perilous Voyage game! Avoid the boulders and the dragon's attack, and fire your cannon to eliminate them!

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About The Perilous Voyage Game

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The ship must steer clear of the dangers of the sea in The Perilous Voyage game! During the war, the strong creatures in the sky joined the battle by throwing boulders and fireballs at the ships underneath. Only a good ship captain can avoid all the attacks and keep their crew alive. Can you keep up?

Your role in this game is to navigate your ship, avoid getting hit by falling rocks and eliminate them with your cannon! Your aiming skills will be tested, so try to hit every target you see!

How to Play

You can steer your ship and avoid the boulders by moving your cursor from side to side. Then, aim and click to shoot your cannon, destroy the falling rocks and damage the dragon. Each elimination will grant you points, so try to shoot them all before they fall into the water or harm your ship.

One of the best strategies is to move your ship constantly to avoid getting it destroyed. If a boulder falls onto it or a fireball sets it on fire, it'll be game over.

You'll notice an energy meter in the left corner of your screen. Every time you miss a shot with the cannon, it will deplete. You cannot replenish it in any way, so make sure you hit your target! Once it's empty, the game is over.

Are you ready to fight against the dangers of the dark sea? May the best captain defeat the strong dragon!