Critical Zone

Become the best pilot and fight the enemy in the Critical Zone game! Destroy all the mines floating around the galaxy and avoid getting hit by meteors!

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About Critical Zone Game

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The enemy mines must be destroyed before they reach Earth in the Critical Zone game! With only a ship at hand, a brave hero has to travel through the asteroid line and prevent doom on the home planet. However, piloting an aircraft won't be easy, especially with all the meteors in the way. Can you become the best pilot and be the planet's savior?

Your job is to navigate through the asteroid line and destroy all the enemy mines in your way. During this journey, you'll have to prove your flying skills and stay out of danger!

How to Play

You will need your mouse to pilot the ship. The mechanics of this game are pretty simple, as you only have to move your cursor from side to side to fly in different directions. When you want to shoot one of the mines, aim and click on it, and it will explode.

You must try your best to avoid the asteroids that come your way. If one hits your ship's hull or side, it will deplete your shield meter. At the same time, when a meteor makes direct contact with the front of your aircraft, it'll automatically be game over!

There is a way to change your vision if you cannot detect the mines amongst meteors. At the top of your screen, you'll have the Toggle Wireframe button. Upon pressing it, the meteors and mines will turn into wire-like figures of different colors, which allows better distinction between the two objects.

Now let's see if your skills are fit for this mission. Are you ready to destroy all the enemy's mines and save the planet from doom? Let's fly and battle in space together!