The Way Home

🐿️ Guide a lively squirrel across bustling ledges in The Way Home game! Help our furry friend leap gaps and collect yummy treats on a playful journey.

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About The Way Home Game

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Ferry Halim's The Way Home game is about a little squirrel in the heart of a bustling town, who dashes across window sills and ledges, eager to find its cozy nest. It's a playful journey filled with yummy treats and daring leaps, and you're here to help our furry friend make it home safely!

As the player, you'll guide this adorable squirrel, making sure it jumps across gaps, collects yummy fruits, and avoids tumbling down. Ready for a new adventure?

How to Play

Steering the squirrel is super easy! Just move your mouse left or right, and when you want the squirrel to leap, give it a quick click.

Now, while our squirrel friend is pretty fast, there are gaps between the ledges. It's up to you to click at just the right time to make sure the squirrel jumps safely to the next spot. Sometimes, you might need to move the mouse side-to-side during a jump to land perfectly. Practice makes perfect!

As you dash and leap, you'll spot shiny red fruits. These aren't just for fun; they're the squirrel's winter stash, and you should collect them for points! 

What else you should know

Keep an eye out for cupcakes, too – they're a special treat that gives extra points.

But be careful! The journey is endless, and the screen will keep moving. If the squirrel misses a ledge and falls, that's when the game ends. So, always be on your toes!

Timing is key! Practice your jumps to get a feel for the perfect moment to leap.

Ready for a whisk-tailed adventure? Join the squirrel in this fun-filled journey and help it gather treats and leap to safety! Let's dash, jump, and play together!