MV-017 Metal Armor

Help MV-017 reach his destination in the Metal Armor game! Travel through dangerous lands, avoid or destroy enemies and make it out before time runs out!

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About MV-017 Metal Armor Game

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The tiny robot must travel through vast and dangerous lands in the MV-017 Metal Armor game! Powerful androids and machines have taken over our planet, and they can't wait to destroy it! To get home, MV-017 needs to get past the enemies in his way, even if it means hitting them with his secret cannonball. Will you join him on his journey?

For this journey, your role is to help MV-017 get to its destination while avoiding obstacles and fighting enemies. The tiny, friendly robot is in a hurry, so don't look back and make your way out of the danger zone!

How to Play

You can choose to navigate the map with your mouse or keyboard. If you pick the mouse, the movement becomes very simple, as the robot will follow your cursor. You can also jump over obstacles by clicking once. However, if you choose the keyboard, the mechanics change:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Move back and forth.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Spacebar (for Mouse and Keyboard): Launch your cannonball.

During your journey, remember to keep MV-017 away from obstacles and enemies. With a few good jumps or smashes of his inner cannonball, the robot can walk right past them. However, if MV-017 receives damage, his shield meter will deplete. Once the meter is empty, it'll be game over, so try to avoid danger at all costs.

As you move through the dangerous land, you'll be able to collect some gold coins. The more you grab on your journey, the higher the score will be. You can also ignore the golden tokens if the situation seems too difficult, as they will not affect anything but your score.

The other aspect you should pay attention to is the timer. When you start the level, the clock starts counting down. You only have ten minutes to complete it, but MV-017 is a fast robot, so you'll get there in time. If the time runs out before you finish, the game will end.

Are you ready to join MV-017 on his dangerous adventure through the robot land? Arm yourself with courage, and you'll make it out before you know it!