The Hatchings

🐣 Guide a mother hen on her egg-filled adventure in The Hatchings game! Watch the eggs follow her and wait for the perfect moment to hatch!

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About The Hatchings Game

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Get ready for yet another fun Orisinal adventure in The Hatchings game! It's a magical world where a mother hen goes on an adventure, leaving little eggs behind her that come to life. You get to help the mother hen on her journey, making sure she collects many eggs and takes care of them until they're ready to hatch.

In this game, you become the mother hen! Your goal is to gather as many eggs as possible, and when the time is right, let them hatch all together for big points. But be careful! The more eggs you have, the trickier it becomes to keep them safe.

How to Play

To move the mother hen around, you'll only need your mouse. Just point your cursor where you want the mother hen to go, and she'll simply follow that path. She can go up, down, left, and right. Wherever she goes, she'll leave behind a trail of wobbly eggs. Remember, you're in control!

As you wander around with the mother hen, her eggs will follow her, almost like a parade of little ducklings! But, the trick is to not let them hatch right away. The longer you wait and the more eggs you gather, the more points you'll earn when they finally do hatch. But be careful! These eggs like to stick close to their mom, and if you touch them too soon, they'll hatch before you're ready.

Now, every once in a while, you'll see apples appear around the area. These apples are super special. If the mother hen touches them, they can give her extra time or even slightly slow down the eggs. This can be really helpful when things get busy.

So, are you ready to help the mother hen on her exciting adventure? Gather eggs, hatch them at the right moment, and see if you can get the highest score! Hop in and have lots of fun!