Chicken Wings Are NOT For Flying

Help the baby chicks leave their nest in the Chicken Wings are NOT for Flying game! Throw umbrellas and keep the chicks afloat before they fall!

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About Chicken Wings Are NOT For Flying Game

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The baby chicks are ready to leave the nest and fly in the Chicken Wings are NOT for Flying game! It is a new season, and the fresh chicken chicks must spread their tiny wings and give flying a go! Thankfully, they have a protector who can save them from a rough landing! Will you lend the baby chicks a hand?

Your goal in this game is to keep the baby chicks in the air by throwing umbrellas at them to help them float! It's a tricky mechanic to master, but with some practice, you can make sure the chicken babies land safely!

How to Play

To help the baby chicks, use your mouse. First, click on the chicken at the bottom of the screen and hold to see the height of your throw. Then, release to send the umbrella towards the chick and watch them float about.

You must time your throws with the baby chickens' fall so they can grab onto it. If it's too high or too low, the chick will fall, and you will lose a life. You only have five chances to save the adorable baby chicks before it's game over!

You can also collect power-ups throughout this challenge. For instance, the shoe will increase your speed and apply a multiplier to your score, while the candy will replenish one of your lives. The last power-up is Freeze, which stops the chicks from falling for a few seconds and adds fifty points to your score!

Are you ready to give the baby chicks a new chance at flying? Even the weakest baby chick can take off with encouragement and a few wing flaps!