Barnyard: Chuck N' Cluck

Play the Chuck N' Cluck game and scare all the chickens in this Halloween adventure! How many eggs can you grab before the rooster catches you?

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Celebrate Halloween by doing some scary tricks in the Chuck N' Cluck game! Your friends from Back at the Barnyard are ready to cause some mischief in time for the spookiest holiday of the year. Will you join Otis and help him scare all the chickens inside the barn? If so, it's time to sneak into the location and get the plan going!

This challenge is not for the faint of heart! Your job is to throw bugs at the animals and make them drop their eggs. However, you must watch out for the rooster because he's in charge of defending the chickens. How many items can you collect before getting seen by the enemy?

How to Play

Let's get to work! Start by grabbing your mouse and clicking on the screen to throw bugs. Once the eggs are on the ground, you can pick them up by clicking on them. If the rooster notices you, simply press the Spacebar to duck behind the crate and avoid getting busted!

Your goal for this mission is to spook the chickens by aiming the bugs toward them. Each time you hit one of your targets, an egg will fall. However, you must not make sudden movements because you're always in danger of getting caught! How many items can you collect by the end of the challenge?

Keep in mind that having a precise aim is essential here! Wait for the right timing and throw your bug before each chicken moves. The more eggs you manage to grab, the higher your score will be! If you're too slow, you'll have trouble hitting your targets.

Luckily there's no time limit here, so you don't have to rush! Instead, you should avoid being seen by the rooster by hiding before he glances your way. Just look for the question marks above his head. That means he'll move soon, so you should duck and wait until the way ahead is clear!

Are you ready to play some Halloween tricks? If so, enter the barn and collect as many eggs as possible without getting in trouble!