Tastes just like Chicken

Join Freddy for a meal in the Tastes just like Chicken game! Help him grab all the pieces of meat and avoid any veggies to keep his cravings under control.

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Help Freddy satisfy his hunger in the Tastes just like Chicken game! The cute ferret needs some assistance to keep his late-night cravings under control. If not, he'll be in danger of eating his best friend! Will you lend him a hand and make him stick to his diet?

Let's get the mission started! Your job is to ensure Freddy grabs as many pieces of chicken as possible. However, you must do your best to avoid the incoming vegetables at all costs! Do you have what it takes to complete this challenge?

How to Play

First things first, you should understand the basics. Luckily the only tool you need here is your mouse! Aim your slingshot by moving the cursor across the screen. When it's time to shoot, you can click anywhere to throw your ammo.

Chicken products are throwing themselves at Freddy, and it's your mission to collect them all! For each piece of meat he eats, the cute ferret becomes bigger and closer to his dark side. However, vegetables have the opposite effect. If you grab the lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, or corn, your friend will turn smaller and keep his predatory instincts in check.

If you're aiming for a high score, you should be careful what food you eat! You'll earn points each time you pick up a piece of chicken. However, your total will decrease for each veggie you ingest. Keep in mind that your entire score will be cut by half if you eat five items of the wrong food!

What else you should know

Keep your eyes on the food before it reaches Freddy because some items are rotten! If your buddy grabs any spoiled objects, he'll get sick, making you lose the game. However, you can avoid them by using your slingshot to keep the food away.

As you keep playing, you'll come across various power-ups which can help you continue the mission! These include ice cubes, coffee, pie, a barrel, or even another slingshot. Depending on the item, you can make everything move at a slower pace, have the timer go faster, or make all the rotten food disappear. You can even restore Freddy's health, so do your best not to miss any incoming power-ups!

Are you ready to join your friend from Back at the Barnyard and keep his cravings contained? If so, grab all the pieces of chicken you come across, and try to avoid all the vegetables!