Compost the Most

Prove that you're a true ecological racer in the Compost the Most game! Can you ride with Otis around the farm in a vehicle that runs only on compost?

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Go on the ride of a lifetime with Otis in the Compost the Most game! The cow protagonist of Back at the Barnyard has a new invention that he can't wait to show off. It's an innovative vehicle that runs on compost instead of gas!

Otis plans on using it to gather all the trash around the farm, making it a better place for him and his pals. Can you give him a hand in this unusual ride?

The game consists of ten levels that let you explore the Barnyard from a new perspective. The goal is to keep fueling your vehicle with compost while picking up debris from the grounds. What a fun way of making the environment better for all your pals from the farm!

How to Play

Driving an ecologically-fueled tractor is easier than it sounds! The vehicle will run forward automatically as long as there's compost in the tank. To pick it up, simply press the Left arrow.

Every once in a while, rocks will come your way. Gather them before they can damage your tractor by pressing the Right arrow key. Make sure you don't mix up the two commands, or you'll lose precious fuel!

The land around the farm can be dangerous. Still, it also has some neat surprises, especially for those who care about the environment. To protect Otis from the sharp rocks that can get stuck in the tractor wheels, press the Space Bar to make him jump. You'll need a lot of precision to succeed!

What else you should know

On the other hand, you can also jump to gather floating leaves! The green ones will grant you bonus points, while the yellow ones allow you to go on a journey among the clouds. Use the arrow keys to gather as many leaves as possible while you're up there. It's a valuable opportunity to reach the high score list!

As you can imagine, each new level will push your agility and attention to a new limit. Can you help Otis get through all of them without running out of compost?

If you can't manage to keep the tank fuel, the game will be over, and you'll have to restart from the beginning. Prove that your compost skills are up to par by hanging on for as long as possible!