Try the Nicktoons: SmashFest game and enter the battle arena! Throw kicks, take down all your opponents, and aim to become the last one standing!

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Prove your fighting skills by entering the arena in the Nicktoons: SmashFest game! King Julien is challenging you and your Nicktoons friends to battle. The four of you must go against each other until there is only one left standing. Can you become the strongest player and win the prize at the end of this mission?

Let's begin this epic SmashFest! Your goal is to fight for supremacy by throwing kicks. However, you must do your best to avoid getting hit and stay safe! Will you be able to obtain King Julien's crown and achieve victory?

How to Play

Before beginning your battle, you should understand the basics. Here are the control keys:

 - Use the Left and Right Arrow keys to move across the stage.

 - Jump and avoid incoming hits by pressing the Up key.

 - To attack, you can tap the Space bar or hold it for two seconds to perform a special move!

To begin with, you must select your favorite player to participate in the brawl. You can choose between SpongeBob, Timmy Turner, Rico, and Otis. However, if you can earn 3000 points throughout the battle, you will unlock an additional hidden character. Aren't you excited to see who that is?

There's more you should know!

During the battle, remember to watch your health bar at the bottom of the screen! Each player has three lives, and you must use them all up to become the winner. However, if your opponents manage to drain yours first, it'll be game over. Just think of a strategy and avoid getting hit to have no trouble winning this battle!

You can get knocked off the stage as you get struck and pushed by the enemies. However, you can always jump to recover. There are also power-ups that you can collect, which will give you additional strength or even invincibility! Keep in mind that your opponents can also grab them, so you should hurry toward the items as soon as they appear.

Are you prepared to begin the brawl and show off your unique fighting style? If so, join your Nicktoons buddies and aim to become the winner!