SpongeBob's Fortune Teller

See what the future holds for you in the SpongeBob's Fortune Teller game. Pick any picture to complete the sentence above and let the future surprise you!

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Your favorite Bikini Bottom resident has made a tool that predicts the future in the SpongeBob's Fortune Teller game. Even though it doesn't necessarily give you a detailed insight into what is going to happen, it is still thrilling to use! You mustn't take any chances and give it a whirl!

You will only have to select a few things that will contribute to the prediction in this game. You ought to choose wisely because each of them will give a totally different meaning.

How to Play

For this game, you will only need your mouse. Who knew that predicting your fortune could be so easy. No need for curious cards and mystic crystal ball. Just click on one of the drawings that you like best and see what you will get!

Before you pick anything, though, you should make sure to check the sentence above. It will give you a faint idea of what the fortune teller is going to predict. There can be multiple spaces to complete, so mind what you pick!

After you click on one image, SpongeBob will wind the fortune teller according to the letters in the word. After he finishes, a new set of pictures will appear. The steps will repeat themselves until all the spaces in the sentence are filled.

To a certain point, your future depends on your will. Nobody will tell you what to do, and that makes things a great deal funnier. You can guess what the fortune teller is going to predict and make out crazy sentences. Whether they make any sense or not, it is totally up to you!

Good luck, and may the future unveil brilliant and funny things that you will find very entertaining! And don't forget to tell your friends about it!