Robot Ruckus

Play the Robot Ruckus game and help defend Sandy from Plankton's army! Aim and shoot the horseshoes at the robots to destroy them before they get close!

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Help Sandy defeat Plankton's evil machines in the Robot Ruckus game! Plankton is causing trouble again! This time, his target is not SpongeBob or Krusty Krab, but Sandy the squirrel! His robots forced their way into her glass dome and tried to capture her! Now, she must fight them and use her lucky horseshoe collection as a weapon! Will you give her a hand?

Your job is to help Sandy defend herself against Plankton's evil robots and throw horseshoes at them to destroy them before they reach her! Fighting a robot army is not easy, but you can defeat any enemy with some courage and aiming skills!

How to Play

You can use your mouse to eliminate your enemies. Move your cursor and aim at the robots, then click to throw a horseshoe in their direction! If you hit them, they will disappear, and you'll gain a point. Be mindful of their movement, as it is unpredictable and may cause you trouble!

There are two types of robots that Plankton will send in! The blue ones are pretty slow and mostly move in front of Sandy, which makes them easy targets! The red ones, however, are quicker and will move along the sides of the map. Therefore, they are more difficult to eliminate and will pose a challenge! Yet, they are worth extra points!

Avoid getting hit by any of the robots, red or blue, or you will lose a life. You only have three lives, so three chances to eliminate all the robots before it's game over! You have a brief period of immunity whenever you lose a life, even if another robot runs into you. Nevertheless, don't take it for granted and shoot them down!

Now that you know how to defeat Plankton's robot army, can you protect Sandy? Point and shoot without hesitation!