SpongeBob: Postal Panic

Play the Postal Panic game and help Plankton steal the letters to Santa! Use the claw machine to grab them and keep everyone away from the postal office!

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Keep the residents from delivering the letters to Santa in the Postal Panic game! It's almost Christmas in Bikini Bottom. Everyone is excited to send letters to Santa Claus about how good they've been that year! However, Plankton wants all of Santa's presents, so he must take those letters and make them disappear with his claw machine. Will you let anyone pass or manage to steal everything?

Your job in this game is to help Plankton take the letters from the residents of Bikini Bottom as they make their way to the postal office! You might not make it onto the nice list, but maybe you'll get a few presents from the naughty Plankton if he feels generous!

How to Play

You can use your mouse to grab the letters from the wishful fish! Move Plankton's machine in front of a resident and click to lower the claw, which will automatically collect the letter. Gather them all, and don't let any Bikini Bottom residents into the postal office!

The characters move at different speeds, so you'll have to time your claw grab to steal the letter. However, the main characters in the SpongeBob SquarePants show will also come around and make collecting the letters more challenging: 

 - SpongeBob will move in a zig-zag motion. 

 - Pearl needs two clicks to get her letter stolen. 

 - Sandy will be hard to catch with her rocket boots. 

 - Karen is the only one with safe passage into the postal office!

Whenever a fish passes by the claw and manages to deliver its letter, you will lose a life! You only have three lives, so try your best to collect all the letters and keep the residents away from the postal office! If you lose all your lives, it will be game over!

Will you manage to keep all the Santa mail to yourself this year? See you on the naughty list!