Fry Cook Flip Out

Play the Fry Cook Flip Out game and help SpongeBob in the kitchen! Flip the patties at the right time and deliver perfect burgers before time runs out!

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Join SpongeBob in the kitchen and watch him do magic with his spatula in the Fry Cook Flip Out game! Our favorite sponge is a master at flipping patties and delivering the juiciest burgers in Bikini Bottom. Get behind the scenes and watch SpongeBob in front of the grill as he prepares the orders! Will you keep up with the patty flipping?

Your job in this game is to use SpongeBob's special spatula and flip the meat patties before they get burned! This challenge requires some attention and a quick hand, but you can do it! After all, everyone loves Krusty Krabs for their amazing Krabby Patties, and you will definitely impress them!

How to Play

To flip the meat patties in time, use your mouse. As the Krabby Patties appear on the grill, wait for them to go from red to brown, then click to flip them! You will know they are ready when their color changes again. Then, you can click and drag the patty onto the bun to finish your burger and deliver it to the customers!

Even if you're not a great cook, you can learn when to flip the patties by paying attention to the light around them. When it's ready to be turned, the meat patty will have a yellow hue around it. Then the same will happen when it's ready for the bun, but the light will be blue instead! It might take a few minutes to get used to, but you'll get the hang of it!

Another aspect you should focus on is the timer at the bottom of your screen! As you cook, the time will slowly drain. You can replenish it by correctly grilling the meat patties and sending them away, but if you leave them on too long, they will burn. A burned Krabby Patty will take away precious seconds from your timer! When the time runs out, it's game over!

Can you become a skillful cook and help SpongeBob in the kitchen? Grab your spatula, and let's get to work!