Sandy Chop Chop

Play the Sandy Chop Chop game and help the squirrel collect acorns! Jump around and deliver strong kicks to the falling acorns before time runs out!

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About Sandy Chop Chop Game

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Deliver some kicks and collect acorns for a delicious snack in the Sandy Chop Chop game! The squirrel wants her acorns, and nothing can stop her! With her karate kicks ready, Sandy is prepared to catch all the falling acorns and build a stash to last her a long time! Can you handle Sandy's badass moves?

Your job is to collect as many acorns as possible by jumping and kicking them to the ground before the time runs out! Don't hold back and release your inner warrior, even if it's just for gathering acorns! Sandy can teach you some dangerous moves! Are you ready?

How to Play

You can use your mouse to begin collecting the falling acorns. Move your cursor around the screen and click on an acorn to make Sandy kick and grab it! Make sure you time your moves and catch the acorn right before it hits the ground!

The acorns fall at different speeds. Some might be slow and easy to catch mid-air, while some fall faster than you can blink! When one falls quickly, try timing it and moving under it so you'll smack it right before it touches the ground.

At the same time, try to pay attention to the golden acorns, as they value more than the ordinary ones! You earn points for each acorn you collect.

Keep your eyes on the timer at the bottom of your screen! The time slowly goes out as you fly around, kicking the acorns. If any acorn touches the ground, you'll lose precious seconds! However, you can replenish some of them by gathering the normal or the golden acorns! When there's no more time, it's game over!

Are you ready to show off your karate skills and kick all the falling acorns for your friend Sandy? Hiya! Let's get to work!