Ghostly Grammar

Try the Ghostly Grammar game to join SpongeBob on a hunted ship to find many rhyming words. Avoid The Flying Dutchman and discover the hidden treasures!

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About Ghostly Grammar Game

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Join SpongeBob for a challenge to test your grammar in the Ghostly Grammar game! However, the location of this task is on a ship hunted by The Flying Dutchman that will try to end your fun. Can you practice your grammar and find the hidden treasures, or will you get scared and run away?

Your goal is to find all the words that rhyme and dodge The Flying Dutchman. However, learning is a long process, so if you don't pay attention, you can say goodbye to the hidden treasure! Are you ready to challenge your brain? If so, let's get you to meet SpongeBob and get started!

How to Play

Once SpongeBob is on the game board, you can use the Arrow Keys to move him around. Also, when you step on a word that rhymes with the given term, you can use the Spacebar to absorb it. At the same time, you should not rush! Some words might look like they rhyme at first glance, but after a revision, you'll see that it's not the perfect fit!

There will be many rounds for you to clear! At the beginning of each one, you will get the main word, and then you can start your search for the ones that rhyme with it! Also, you will have to hit a goal of terms for every stage. For example, you might start by looking for seven, and this number will only add up.

The Flying Dutchman will spawn when you least expect it and chase SpongeBob around the board. As long as you outrun him, you will be safe! However, if he catches you, it will take away one life point. The same thing goes if you absorb a wrong word. If you lose all three life points, your learning will come to a stop!

Are you ready to join SpongeBob SquarePants and find loads of rhyming words to practice your grammar? Let's see if you can stay away from The Flying Dutchman and find all the hidden treasures around the ship!