FrankenBob's Quest - Part 1

Join SpongeBob in the FrankenBob's Quest - Part 1 game in a quest through a spooky Bikini Bottom. Slay monsters to return Gary and the rest to normality!

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About FrankenBob's Quest - Part 1 Game

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In the FrankenBob's Quest - Part 1 game, Bikini Bottom became a spooky place for Halloween eve and changed into Inikib Mottob! The streets became graveyards, sunken pirate ships rose, and residents became strange! SpongeBob SquarePants also has a terrifying appearance. However, his mind is still untouched, and he needs to get to the bottom of this problem. Can you join him through the journey and save everyone?

Your job is to guide FrankenBob through the terrifying place and find the hidden chests. Be careful, though! Now that everyone is not in their senses, they will surely try to stop you. So, try to take down anyone that might get in your way. Even SpongeBob's friends are changed, and you might have to bring them down!

How to Play

Before you venture into this scary journey, you should learn the controls! Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Right and Left arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Crouch.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - Z: Secondary attack if you have the resources for it.

As you advance, you will unlock new moves! For example, you will be able to dash and double jump. You can use both by pressing the movement and jump arrows two times quickly!

You will have to go through many stages, and each one will be more difficult than the previous one. The monsters around Inikib Mottob will increase in numbers and strength, and your chances of reaching the chests will decrease. However, using FrankenBob's attacks can bring victory and a couple of points for every takedown!

If you get overwhelmed by the foes you meet, Spongebob will get some damage. You can see this because parts of his body will fall off, and once he becomes a skeleton, he will lose one life point. Be careful, though! You only have three, and your journey it's over if you lose all of them.

There is more you should know!

You might find some tools on your way to help you get through the action. For example, you can grab ammo for your secondary attack to use in battles. Also, you can find extra lives! They might come in handy if you take too much damage from foes and traps. With these tools on your side, it will be easier to get through the whole journey and acquire a high score!

Lastly, after you find all the chests, your last challenge will be to take on one of SpongeBob's best friends, Gary! The cute snail has transformed into a ferocious beast, and he will be the last enemy you will face. If you manage to defeat him, Gary will return to normal and reunite with the yellow sponge!

Are you ready to take on the spooky Inikib Mottob alongside FrankenBob to return it to normal and save his friend? Let's start the adventure and see if you get scared easily!

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