Summertime Search

The best season for playing outside is on in the Summertime Search game. Find out where all the objects are hidden and then click on then to reveal them!

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About Summertime Search Game

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The best season is on in the Summertime Search game. All the fun things that can be done to lighten up the mood are taken outside. But having so many toys all over the place can cause some trouble. You might not find what you are looking for that easily. Fortunately, this game is excellent for training your sight to get sharper than ever.

To do that, you will need to pay a lot of attention to the list of missing objects below. You should memorize what the things you are searching look like, then go ahead and examine. You can look for the same color or shape, to find the object quicker!

How to Play

Playing this, you will not be too far off from becoming a genuine detective. Fortunately, unlike a detective, you will not need a lot of investigating gear. You could use at most a magnifying glass. But, you will need it only if your eyesight is so bad that you can not see. In fact, the only required tool is the mouse. 

Before looking out for the missing objects, you should first get familiar with them. Right below, you will see everything you need to search for. You can start a quest for them, one by one. The places where you will find the objects are very random. You should not expect them to appear in their proper place. Where would have been the fun then?

Once you think you have found the missing object, click on it to see if you were right. If the thing disappears, then congratulations, detective! You have accomplished part of your mission. On the other hand, if you click in the wrong places, you will eventually get a penalty. That means that you will no longer be able to move a finger for a few precious seconds. It might not sound too bad, but working against the clock is stressful enough.

You will never lose anything ever again after finishing this game!