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Face off the waves of incoming foes in Power Rangers Samurai: Dojo Defender game! The legendary team can only survive this attack with your precious help!

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Defend the Shiba House from menacing foes with Power Rangers Samurai: Dojo Defender game! Can you believe that even a team of brave and skilled superheroes such as the Power Rangers need a little help from time to time? Now you have the opportunity to step in and make a difference!

The dangerous and armed Moogers have managed to find the location of the Rangers Dojo, and they need to be stopped at any cost! Hideout in the labyrinthic gardens and liquidate them before they manage to damage your headquarters. The faith of this iconic and powerful team depends on you!

The key to success is swiftness!

The game consists of a series of challenging battles which will surely keep you on your toes. Twelve consecutive menacing waves of Mooger will threaten the safety of the Power Rangers sanctuary. Luckily, the only entrance is through the intricate paths in the gardens. Each level aims to stop the Moogers in their tracks before they reach the Dojo and damage it irreversibly! Check on the health status by glancing at the bottom of the screen. Don’t forget that this bar will not be restored automatically after each wave! Do you think you are swift enough?
The gameplay is simple and amusing. All you need to do to move your character is using the left and right arrows on your keyboard. Shoot at incoming threats by pressing the spacebar. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Call in a friend for a much-needed helping hand! He can share the keyboard with you! He can control his Ranger by pressing the A and D keys, as well as the Shift key to fire. Therefore, you can pick the single or the dual-mode, depending on your mood! Isn’t that awesome?

Power-ups and upgrades will spice up your adventure!

You must have already noticed that, unlike other similar games, you don’t get to pick your character at the beginning of each round. This will only test your ability to adapt quickly to any battle style! Do you prefer Jaden, Kevin, Mike, Emily, or Mia? One of them will be randomly assigned to you for each stage of the game. Each one of them has a different type of attack, as well as various upgrades. However, you can switch to another Ranger by collecting the appropriate mask color throughout the level.
What is more, you should always collect the lightning bolt bonuses whenever they appear! You can use them to restore the health of the Dojo and to buy useful upgrades in the shop. Did you know that the power and speed of each Ranger can be increased by investing these valuable resources? Try to maximize the abilities of all your heroes!
Get ready for an exciting adventure, featuring your favorite team of super-powered teenagers! Do you think you can face all the menacing foes and keep the Power Rangers’ headquarters safe? There’s only one way to find out!