Red Hot Rescue

Play Red Hot Rescue game and save the missing Ranger from the evil guys. Switch between your heroes and use their special attacks to overcome the dangers!

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About Red Hot Rescue Game

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This one is for the Dino lovers! Play Red Hot Rescue game along with the Power Rangers to get back Tommy from Dr. Mercel's dirty hands. I suggest you not to get straight into the game because even if it seems to be quite simple, there are things that might get you into trouble. Click How to play and have a look.

At first, you are told the aim of the game, namely to rescue the captured Ranger, and fast! You also get a warning, because the journey is so tricky you will not only need to be smart but one step ahead as well.

How to Play

Further on, the instructions teach you how to control your character. Use the arrow keys to move it around and jump, and to use the Ranger's special ability, press the X key.

Each Ranger has his signature attack; the Blue one will use his Super Shield to block all kinds of dangers, the Red one will move any large object in the way with his Super Strength and, finally, the Yellow one will shatter even concrete blocks with her Sonic Scream. Cool powers, right? Whenever you want to switch between the Rangers and their skills, press the Control key, and they will change in no time.

On your way, collect every special power-up to boost yourself up. Oh, and when you need some help, feel free to press Z to release a Dino Thunder Power Play. Now the time has come to play and finish our rescue mission. 

Useful Tips and Tricks

The play button will take you to the game, and when you get there, look attentively at what is around you. For instance, up there at the top of the screen are some crucial things that you should monitor while you play. For example, the first thing that you will see on the left is the Dino Thunder Power Play icon where you can find out how many attacks of this kind you have left to use.

Next, there are the icons of the three rangers. While you are playing, you will notice that the character you chose will also be highlighted in that tiny square. In the same place, there is a small bubble with a number on it. Those are your remaining lives for the game. Try as much as possible not to lose them, because they are very precious and you will surely need them later when the game gets more complicated.

In the upper middle, there are two short bars, one red for your Power and one blue for your Health. In the right corner, there is a Timer that tells you how much time you have left until the game ends automatically. Whenever you want to take a break from the mission, press the Pause button up there and have a rest.

Try your best to save the missing Ranger as fast as you can, overcome every obstacle and kick some of these nasty guards by pressing the spacebar when you have the occasion. Always keep an eye on the levels and on time, and you will surely save your friend in a blink of an eye!