Destruction Truck Derby

Play the Destruction Truck Derby game to crash into enemies and perform cool tricks with your monster truck! Are you ready to face the Nickelodeon heroes?

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About Destruction Truck Derby Game

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Enjoy an adrenaline rush with the Destruction Truck Derby game! This exciting challenge invites you to take out all your stress and frustration by crushing your enemies' trucks. Are you a fan of the wild atmosphere at a monster truck race? Do you appreciate the quirky personality and funny design of the Nickelodeon characters? Then you can't miss out on this game!

This kind of activity can be quite dangerous in real life! However, you can experience the unique thrill of the derby in complete safety from the comfort of your own home, joined by the funniest heroes you can think of. Aren't you looking forward to competing against SpongeBob SquarePants, Lincoln from The Loud House, or the Power Rangers?

How to Play

To start with, pick out a car that suits your taste and represents your favorite characters. The most awesome part is that you can customize the wheels, the stickers, and even have bubbles coming out of the exhaust pipe. Everybody knows that the more fancy your truck is, the better!

The next step is picking an arena for your race. Can you believe that there are 7 different options, each one with various obstacles and perks? Make sure you check all of them out in Practice Mode to prepare for the Championship!

Do you know how to drive a monster truck? Luckily, this game makes it much easier than it is in real life. You can move around by pressing the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow Keys. To gain a little extra speed and force, double-tap the Left or Right Arrow Key. 

The goal is to destroy as much debris as you can and trash your enemy's vehicle. Keep an eye on your health bar, and make sure you don't let your enemies deplete it! You can also damage your truck yourself if you crash into ramps too many times.

What else you should know

Are you ready to learn a new power move? Keep an eye out for bonuses scattered on the monster truck arena! Once you have collected one of the golden fists, use it near an enemy to unleash a powerful attack that will obliterate him instantly. How exciting!

By far, one of the coolest experiences in this game is to try to perform impressive tricks. You can do so by using the ramps at your disposal. Besides, the rectangular areas inside the arena will give you a significant speed boost. Use it wisely to score many points and take your enemies by surprise!

Get used to the controls and the derby atmosphere by playing in the Practice Mode. Here, you have no time limits and an endless health bar. However, the enemies will also re-enter the battle quickly after you take them out. Therefore, this is the perfect place to learn some new moves and get used to each arena!

Once you have the hang of things, you should move on to the Championship Mode. Can you win 7 derbies in a row against some experienced enemies? You will only have three minutes to take out all the other competitors. There's only one way to find out if you are skilled enough!