Pinball Slimecade

Score as many points as possible in the Pinball Slimecade game! Put your skills to the test and move the flippers to keep the ball on the table!

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About Pinball Slimecade Game

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Try out your skills in an old school pinball challenge in the Pinball Slimecade game! To become a good player of the classic game, you will need to focus on your patience and even problem-solving skills! You never know where the ball will fall, so you need to remain calm as you try to handle the situation. Do you have what it takes to complete this mission?

This is a classic arcade game in which your main goal is to keep the ball moving as long as you can. Various targets will earn you points whenever they get hit. You have to pay attention, and don't let the ball escape! All you'll need is some patience and luck! Are you skilled enough for this challenge?

How to Play

Before you shoot your shot, you need to understand the basics. All you need to do is press the arrow keys on your keyboard. Hold and release the Spacebar to launch your ball, or let the Left and Right arrows control the flippers so that it doesn't go away! Of course, you can even shake the machine by pressing the Up arrow. 

In the beginning, you need to hold down the mechanism, then launch the ball into the retro machine. You should try to earn a high score by hitting various targets on the pinball table. To do so, you will need to control the different flippers, which can help every now and then to keep the ball longer on the board. 

Every time you hit your targets, some points will be added to your score. During all this time, you should focus on the pinball flippers and try not to let the ball fall off the table! You only have 5 lives before you have to restart the challenge. Of course, each life will add more points to your initial score, so don't worry about losing your progress!

What do you say? Take on this challenge and see the whole game light up as you earn points. Just keep the ball on the board and don't let it fall! Good luck!