Game Shakers: Punchy Face

Try out the Game Shakers' plushie boxing challenge in the Punchy Face game! Knock out every opponent with your powerful punches and climb the ranks!

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About Game Shakers: Punchy Face

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The Game Shakers can't wait to impress everyone with their new boxing challenge in the Punchy Face game! After their successful releases, Babe and her gang have created a new game where plushies get violent! With a firm pair of boxing gloves on, the plush animals are trying to conquer the arena! Are you ready to join them?

Your goal is to defeat every opponent that joins the ring by knocking them out with your punches and hooks! This game is about timing and powerful hits, so don't shy away from your plush enemy! It's time to punch their stuffing out!

How to Play

To begin with, quickly select your character and their color, then start fighting your opponents in the ring. Here are the controls:

 - Left/Right arrow keys: Jab at your opponent.

 - Down arrow key: Dodge punches.

 - Up arrow: Uppercut.

To do a significant amount of damage to your rivals, you can use the power-ups. The only way to activate them is by delivering an uppercut! If the powered-up punch hits your opponent, they will take extra damage! Unfortunately, your adversary can also use their power-ups on you, so pay attention to the warning symbols and dodge!

When your enemy's health bar is empty, they'll get knocked out! If they stay down for five seconds, you've won the match! However, if you get knocked out, you can spam the jab buttons, and you'll get up! Yet, whoever gets knocked out three times automatically loses the match!

What else you should know

If you time your punches perfectly, you might stun your enemy. While dazed, they won't hit you back, so you can get in a few extra jabs!

There are different tiers of opponents you'll face in the ring. Even if the rivals grow stronger with each match, you can fight to the top and defeat the gold medal champions!

That's all you need to know. Now, can you defeat all your opponents and become the ultimate plushie boxer? Every jab and hook will bring you closer to victory!