Big SuperHero Wish

Find out what it would be like to live in a comic book with the Big SuperHero Wish game! Help Timmy catch as many villains as possible around the city!

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About Big SuperHero Wish Game

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Don't miss out on the Big SuperHero Wish game if you're a comic book fan! Who wouldn't like to become a superhero character in a comic? Luckily, Timmy has some awesome Fairly OddParents that can make his wishes come through.

However, this wish had some unexpected consequences. If Timmy and his friends become heroes, their enemies will become villains. Given that Timmy has turned into Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder, it's his job to zap away all the villains with the teleportation ray. Hurry up, and give him a hand!

The game consists of a timed battle where every second counts. In true comic book style, you'll have to move from one panel to the other, shooting baddies until you reach the goal for the level. Any true superhero should stay on his toes and shoot as fast as possible. Can you help Timmy zap the villains with speed and precision?

How to Play

Even if a teleporting laser sounds complicated, it's easy to do. All you have to do is point it at your target, then click to fire! As you can see, it's easy as pie! However, the difficult part is knowing when to fire!

As you know, Timmy and his pals have also transformed into superheroes. More precisely, you'll come across A.J., Wanda, Cosmo, MML, and Bouncing Boil. With so many things happening around you, you might shoot accidentally. Try your best not to! Each stage of the game has a maximum number of friend zaps. If you go over that number, you have to restart. Ouch!

Suppose you want to reach the goal number of captured villains before the time runs out. In that case, you should learn how to navigate the different panes of this comic book adventure. Have you noticed the red arrows? Click on any of them to move to a different location. Moreover, you should follow the flashing arrows, as they indicate high levels of evil. Find that nasty villain!

What else you should know

If you think you're going to run out of time, don't worry! Just look around for a time freeze bonus. You can recognize them by their blue and icy appearance. Shoot them to get a few more precious seconds!

Find out if you're tough enough to go against scary villains like Spatula Woman, Bull-E, Short Fuse, or Negachin! The Fairly OddParents have given you and Timmy a chance to live like a superhero for one day. Enjoy the action and adrenaline found among the pages of a comic book!