Wishing 101

Play the Wishing 101 game and help Chloe escape the Anti-Rule book! Complete chapters and change rules by finding the right solution for each situation!

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About Wishing 101 Game

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Join Chloe as she flips through pages and chapters of the fairy Rule Book in the Wishing 101 game! Foop has trapped Chloe in the Anti-Rule book! It contains the opposite of all the good rules given by the fairies and teaches kids to be selfish! Wanda and Cosmo will help the young girl escape the book, but she must figure out the riddles on her own! Will you find the solutions with Chloe?

Your goal in this game is to help Chloe get out of the Anti-Rule book by changing the rules and solving the riddles in fun ways! You cannot miss this game if you're a fan of challenges that test your brain and ability to find solutions quickly!

How to Play

You only need your keyboard to challenge the rules of the Anti-Rule book! Move back and forth between the rows of text using the Right and Left arrow keys! To activate a word and make it react, stand above it and use the Down arrow key until it glows!

The book has only five chapters with three pages each! Help Chloe navigate them and change the evil meaning of all the rules to progress! Once you complete a chapter, you will receive a picture containing all the characters you've helped! Everyone loves a positive rule!

Whenever you ever feel stuck and aren't sure what the next step is, try out the word combinations that sound the best in that situation! Cosmo and Wanda will shake their heads if the word you selected can harm the character! Try every word until you find the perfect solution!

Now that you know all the tricks, can you complete all the chapters and help Chloe escape? Let's change all the rules for the better together!