Jingle Out of my Way

Play the Jingle Out of my Way game and defeat the gingerbread army before it's too late! Spend points to build an elf defense line and protect Timmy!

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About Jingle Out of my Way Game

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Protect the Christmas gifts with Timmy Turner and his fairly Oddparents in the Jingle Out of my Way game! Timmy wants to take Santa's place and deliver the presents to the children on Christmas Eve. However, an army of angry gingerbread people is trying to destroy the Wishful Thinking Van! Will you be able to protect it before it takes off?

Your main goal is to form your little army of elves and fend off the evil gingerbread people with snowballs! Nothing will stop Timmy from doing his job this Christmas, and you are the only one who can help him! 

How to play this game

You will only need your mouse to build the perfect army and eliminate the enemies. When you've gathered enough points, click on the elf of your choice and place it in one of the open positions! As the gingerbread people advance, your elves will start defending and throwing snowballs at them!

Each elf costs Christmas Spirit points! For example, the ninja elf costs three hundred points, while the twin elves cost four hundred! Make sure you calculate your Christmas Spirit points, or you won't have enough to defend Timmy! The more gingerbread people you eliminate, the more Christmas Spirit you get back!

The game has four levels you can play! However, you'll have to finish the first one and keep Timmy safe to advance to another map! Each map will have different difficulties, and the number of gingerbread people waves will increase! Spend your points carefully, and don't let the enemies pass!

Are you ready to protect Timmy from the evil army and bring back the Christmas joy? Let's get the elves to work!