Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil

Are you strong enough to defeat the villains in the Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil game? Join your favorite heroes, win the fights, and be a champion!

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About Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    960 x 560
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Pick your avatar, and be ready to fight many enemies in the Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil game! Both heroes and villains are brought together in this fantastic and highly entertaining adventure. Defeat your opponent, and be the super-hero everyone adores!

Players are given a variety of Nickelodeon characters to choose from, including names from the infamous Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob and Plankton are waiting to see which side you will be on. Are you one of the good guys, or do you prefer the evil characters?

Make sure you select a Fan, to increase your chances of winning. This human companion will help you throughout your fighting-matches. The Fan Power requires filing up the bar with energy before using it. 

Therefore, a Fan will be provided to every character in the game. For example, Dylan and Bobbi are SpongeBob's biggest supporters. Choose between the two of them, boy or girl, and you are ready to play!

How to Play

Once you enter the game, a couple of playing modes will show up on the screen. For every one of those, you need to select a brawler, a stage, and the difficulty of the match. Your opponent is usually computer-generated, but there may be times when you'll have to select them. The first player to win two rounds wins the entire fight.

If you are only now beginning, pick Training Mode. Practice your moves until you are ready to face your enemy. Assuming that you have played before, choose between Story Mode, Free Play, and Multiplayer. You can play either as a guest or with an account, in either free play mode or tournament mode.

Here are the controls that you need to use:

•    Up Arrow to Jump
•    Right Arrow to Move Right
•    Left Arrow to Move Left
•    Down Arrow to Block
•    X key to Punch
•    Z key to Kick
•    C key for a Special Attack

Tips and Tricks

As mentioned before, the Special Attack can only be used when the Fan power meter is full. The effects are not the same for every character. When operated, it changes the lighting in the playing field. For Amon, the screen turns purple, and the fangirl/boy shoots lightning at the opponent.

Moreover, another interesting feature of the game is called: Special Combo Move. You will receive the commands on the screen, but be careful as they vary from character to character. For Korra, you have the following: Right Arrow, Left Arrow, and X. This produces an Avatar Blast that enables her to use all four elements at the same time.

You can now be the hero of one of the most played games in the world! Choose different stages, opponents, and avatars to enrich your experience. Gather your strength, defeat your opponents, and acquire the highest status possible!

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