What are the most popular Avatar Games?

  1. Super Brawl 2
  2. Super Brawl 3: Good Vs. Evil
  3. Super Brawl 4
  4. Super Brawl Showdown!
  5. Nickelodeon: Power Packed
  6. Super Brawl Summer
  7. Avatar Arena
  8. Fortress Fight 2
  9. Super Fall Brawl
  10. Super Mini Puzzle Heroes

What are the best Avatar Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Super Brawl 4
  2. Nickelodeon: Power Packed
  3. Fortress Fight 2
  4. Avatar Scene Maker
  5. Rise of the Avatar

How to play Avatar Games without Flash?

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Discover a mystical world and explore the four nations!

With the Avatar Games, you have the chance to step into a fascinating world, filled with thrilling adventures, mysterious legends, and brave heroes! If you haven't heard about Avatar: The Last Airbender yet, then you must have been living under a rock! This animated television series was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino in 2005, airing on Nickelodeon.

What made it a phenomenon of animation? The show offered a fresh and sophisticated view on themes often used in anime series. What's the catch? Surprisingly, the series isn't considered part of the anime genre! Avatar offers the viewer a unique mix of two very different styles of animation: Japanese and American. The result is a fascinating and engaging world, inspired by Asian, Inuit, and New World societies. Doesn't it sound interesting?

So what's it all about? Imagine a world where human civilization consists of our nations, named after the four elements: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads. Furthermore, among each community, there are some truly talented individuals, called benders. They use a mix of telekinesis and martial arts to control their national element. Can you believe that?

However, things are not peachy pink in this immersive universe! For a century genocide, war, and terror have been plaguing it! Want to find out more? Play the Sozin's Echo game to experience the lore first hand!

Meet Aang, the young Avatar and Earth's last hope!

Everybody knows that the key to a good story is a brave and determined hero! Thankfully, our protagonist is all that, and so much more! He is fun-loving, adventurous, and playful.

However, he isn't just an ordinary tween! Believe it or not, his destiny binds him to a vital role: Aang is the Avatar. What does that mean? The Avatar is an international arbiter whose duty is to maintain balance in the universe. Unlike any other bender, they are required to master not just one, but all the four bending arts!

Moreover, they can even enter a mighty state, which makes them nearly invincible. However, if they are killed at this delicate time, the reincarnation cycle of the Avatar will be disrupted. What a terrifying thought!

Let's start at the beginning! Since it became clear that he was going to be the next Avatar, Aang was separated from his parents and raised in a monastery. Soon enough, this prodigy managed to become a master of air bending, surpassing even his teachers!

However, something completely unexpected happened! The boy and his air bison, Appa, end up in a storm and become encased in an iceberg near the South Pole. What happens next? They remain in a state of unconsciousness for a hundred years.

Meanwhile, the world is tormented by war and destruction! What happens when two siblings find and revive the two? You can find out more by playing the Path of a Hero game!

The Avatar Games allow you to become a part of an awesome team!

Aang begins his journey as a naive, yet courageous boy who finds himself thrown into the middle of a bloody war. Thankfully, he is not alone in his quest to fulfill his role as an Avatar! Aang gathers a truly fantastic group of talented young people around him. Do you want to meet them?

Katara, a fourteen-year-old Waterbender, is the heart of the group. What do I mean? This young girl is not only smart and mature beyond her years, but she also plays a protective role. What makes her truly special is her kindness and compassion towards those around them! Naturally, she also cares deeply about nature and the environment. Join her in the Earth Healers game to give her a little help!

Do you value practicality, strength, and a straight forward attitude? Then you will love Sokka. Unlike the other members of the gang, Katara's sixteen-year-old brother hasn't got any bending abilities! However, his contribution to the dynamic of the team is invaluable! This jack-of-all-trades is passionate about engineering and weapons. Can you guess his next invention?

Have you met Toph? Make sure you don't judge her based on her looks! This talented twelve-year-old seems small and frail at first sight. However, you will soon find that there is nothing fragile about her personality! This strong and fiercely independent young woman will belittle, insult, and humiliate anyone who crosses her. The fact that she is blind has never stopped her from holding her own!

How will this team of children hold up against the menacing terror of war? This fascinating series has many more complex and riveting characters, as well as a carefully constructed storyline. The only way to fully experience all the magic and excitement is by playing the Avatar Games!

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