Avatar Girls Dress Up

Play the Avatar Girls Dress Up game to give a complete makeover to every heroine! Can you try out all the clothes and create new outfits for each one?

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It's time for a makeover in the Avatar Girls Dress Up game! Toph, Katara, Korra, and many other girls need to find new clothing styles, and you may be the person to help them. However, there are many style combinations, so they should try everything and decide which one fits best. Will you find the perfect outfit for them?

Your role is to dress up every character as well as you can! Use your creativity to find new styles, or you can choose their original costumes to make the girls look like in the show. Your imagination will be the most precious tool for this challenge! Let's see what new designs you can create.

How to Play

It's pretty easy to dress up the characters! The only thing you will need is your mouse! Use the Left click to choose and drag the clothes you want to put on the girls.

Also, if you don't want to keep the outfit you created, you can get rid of it by clicking on the reset button to start all over. See? Being a fashion designer is a piece of cake!

Every category in your wardrobe is packed with clothes from the four kingdoms! Maybe you fancy the lively green from the Earth Kingdom or the calming blue of the Water Tribe.

Also, you should try the deep red from the Fire Nation and the orange from the Air Nomads! The choice is yours. Let your imagination flow, and create as many combinations as you can!

There's more you should know!

There will be at least two pages of shirts, dresses, pants, and accessories that you cannot miss. Whatever weather may be, you can find tops for a walk on the beach or warm fur jackets that keep the cold away. Although mixing them up would sound like a bad idea, anything is allowed in fashion, so go wild!

Lastly, do not forget about the shoes before you want to complete your outfit! There are fewer options compared to the other categories, but you will find the right fit. Also, try out the makeup of the Kyoshi warriors! You may be surprised how well it will fit the characters.

Now that you have everything sorted, it's time to get started! How many outfits will you create for the heroines? Let's get you into the wardrobe and see what your creative mind will put together.