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Play Avatar: Elemental Escape game to save Aang, Katara, and Toph! They have been kidnapped by the Fire Nation and need to get out before the ship docks!

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Help save your favorite benders with the Elemental Escape game! Aang, the Avatar, Water Tribe’s Katara, and Earth Kingdom’s Toph have been taken hostages while they were sleeping! Complete a journey of puzzles, combat, and cooperation to set them free.

The ship is looming with a lot of dangerous guards who are waiting to harm you. Using everyone’s abilities wisely, search for the upper deck, where Appa, the flying bison, is waiting to fly away with you!

Learn how to control your characters!

The element benders need to carefully and thoroughly explore the Fire Nation’s ship. To move, use the Left and Right arrow keys to go leftward and rightward. Press the Up button to jump onto the platforms. Throughout your journey, you will have to make use of different skills, thus change the hero you are playing with. You should press down Z or X to do so.

Everyone has their specific skills. Katara has the water whip, which can be used to fight the guards, put out fires, and trigger switches. Aang can jump higher than the others, reaching the tallest surfaces. And Toph can break even the most massive stone walls by stomping on the ground. These abilities are activated once you press the Spacebar.

There are three levels you can choose from. The Normal one is the easiest, offering a tutorial and indications for every step. The Hard and Master Bender increase considerably in difficulty, with the latter unlocking once the others are completed.

Although it may seem a long journey, every move takes you closer to freedom! At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a grey bar. This is a timer, and once the ship reaches the fire symbol, it’s over!

Watch out for the enemies!

You have six lives that will protect you from the danger. One by one, they can disappear once you go through fires or get hit by the Fire Guards. But you can collect heart tokens and restore them all. Moreover, there are white runs that you can gather for more points and a great reward at the end!

When you lose a life, the character you were playing with will revive at the beginning. But if you see swirling mist, make sure to pass through it with all of the benders. These are checkpoints that will take you there after you lose a battle, so you don’t have to travel from the start.

Teamwork is the key to success in this game, so you should think wisely every time you change your hero and activate levers and switches. Make sure everyone steps out of the ship to finish the game. Once on the upper deck, get on Appa and let him take you all three to a safe place!

You can also check the high score list and see how well you managed to perform.

Cooperate with your teammates and outsmart the malicious guards to escape the ship’s maze!