Boiling Rock Rescue

Zuko switched sides and decided to rescue the Fire Nation's prisoners in Avatar: Boiling Rock Rescue game. Help him avoid the guards and escape safely!

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The Fire Nation's prince decided to switch sides and ally with Aang. He plans to trespass the Avatar World's most fearsome prison in the Boiling Rock Rescue game! Zuko will go on a dangerous mission to save all the wrongfully locked up people.

His rescue mission sure is risky, but it's for the greater good. Give him a helping hand and be careful of the looming dangers! It may seem odd to turn your back on your nation, but it is time someone finally stood up to the malicious fire benders!

Change the prison's history of no escapes!

You have to guide Zuko through the dark and dangerous hallways. To do so, use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. His torch will help you see better in the pitch-black prison areas. However, you won't be able to make out all the things around you.

While exploring the area, watch out for the patrolling guards! They are known as cruel people, so make sure to avoid them. If you do happen to meet them, you can use the prince's unusual weapon. His bolo nets will instantly trigger and tie them up once you pass a guard. But this won't be necessary as long as you make yourself go unnoticed.

The main objective of the game is to find the prisoners and lead them to a safe place. To achieve it, you need to find enough keys to take everyone out of their cells! It is quite easy to spot the inmates, as they are chained and have specific clothing. 

Your mission consists of multiple levels, which gradually become more difficult on the way. If the first few require only one prisoner to save, the following can have five times more.

Useful tips to keep in mind

Although unchaining an inmate is the closest step to their escape, you need to find the exit hatch, too. But be careful of the guards once again! Prisoners can be captured back if they meet the sentinels. Only three convicts can walk together at a time, so choose your moves wisely.

You can achieve a higher score by collecting bonuses called "prison booty". These take various shapes, such as glowing red rocks, papyruses, and statues.

Bolo nets can be found through the dark hallways, but you can only carry three of them at once. Make sure to use them, yet not excessively.

There is a timer at the bottom of the screen in the shape of an hourglass. If you don't exit with the prisoners before it runs out, the lights will turn on, and you will get caught! You have three chances, and you lose the level once they disappear.

Prove that you are fearless by entering the Boiling Rock Prison and saving all the inmates!