Fire Nation Barge Barrage

Experience the hardships of being a leader with Avatar: Fire Nation Barge Barrage game! Use your warrior skills and support Prince Zuko in battle!

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If you have always admired the strength of evil characters, try the Avatar: Fire Nation Barge Barrage game! Now you have the chance to fight from a villain's point of view by playing as Prince Zuko. His new objective is to conquer as many territories as he can so he can live up to his name.

The fire bender's empire has high expectations of him. Therefore, he shall rule all over the world by defeating the remaining unoccupied villages. He can only do so with your help, so get on his barge and prepare for some heated battles!

Get familiar with your tasks first!

You must conquer all the villages from the water tribes and earth kingdoms to win the game. Zuko's barge is roaming the deep waters of the world in search of them. Explore the world map to find and defeat all 10 of them!

To control your ship, you will need the Left and Right arrow keys to steer the boat in different directions, and the Up and Down buttons to go faster and decrease the speed.

As you're inspecting the map, you can start attacking a village by pressing Enter. The villages' defense levels vary from 1 to 5, meaning the smaller numbers are more comfortable to destroy.

As you might already imagine, when traveling on a barge, you certainly need a crew to help you out! Teamwork is the key to success. In the beginning, the ship has only 30 members. During the game, you can save shipwrecked fire benders from the water, who will be added to your line-up.

Now you have to assign them all to different tasks, which is going to boost the ship's abilities. ‘'Attack'' will make it gain energy faster and the fireballs more powerful. The ‘'Armor'' will strengthen the barge, and ‘'Propulsion'' will increase its speed.

Are you ready to attack?

As soon as you get used to the circumstances, it is time to assault! Multiple walls defend each village. To destroy them, you need to aim for the towers or fortresses around them. Launch fireballs by pressing the A button to shoot from the left, and B to blast from the right. White flags will appear, signaling the defeat of a structure. But keep in mind that every attack requires energy, which thankfully rises on its own.

Watch out for the looming dangers of the sea! Apart from the cannonballs coming from the villages, there are also other enemies you should avoid. The sea dragons and golems represent a great danger and cause significant damage. You will also come in contact with whirlpools, which are harmless but will spin your barge a few times.

If your ship is severely damaged, you could use some powerups! These come in various forms, such as fire symbols, combined keys, and fireworks. They will help by dropping damage level, filling energy, and boosting speed.

Consider these tips for a smoother gaming experience!

We suggest you strike for the most vulnerable villages first. As you gain experience, you will also acquire the necessary skills to defeat the strongest ones.

Moreover, if you want to use a more powerful attack, press A/S for longer, then release it! While this tactic will cause more damage, it will also require more energy than usual.

Another strong attack is the circle of fire. You can use it by tapping the Spacebar once, but you must consider the fact that it wastes half of your energy.

Once you finish the game, you can check the high scores and compare your results to others'!

Don't let Zuko be humiliated by the Fire Nation and dominate the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdoms!