Rise of the Avatar

Discover Aang's element-bending journey with the Rise of the Avatar game! Learn how to master air, water, earth, and fire to defeat the great Fire Lord!

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About Rise of the Avatar Game

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Join your favorite Airbender in the Rise of the Avatar game! Now you can play as Aang himself and help him through the hardships of being an Avatar. You will not be alone! The bender’s closest friends will be there to support you until you defeat Lord Ozai!

Aang is at the beginning of his element-bending life, so he needs to learn how to master everything. He is the only one that can bring the peace back among the four nations! You seem to be the only one who can give him a hand, so why not become a hero yourself?

How to Play

The layout of the game is quite simple, but the controllers may seem difficult to remember. You will need to focus on your keyboard, especially the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to move. The Z, X, C, and V keys are for bending air, water, earth, and fire in this order. 

Aang has to go through all four chapters and practice his bending skills. To do so, you will have to defeat the wandering guards and the more powerful enemies. Katara, Sokka, Toph, and even Prince Zuko will guide you and teach you how to use the elements!

The four levels are named accordingly: Book 1: Water, Book 2: Earth, Book 3: Fire, and The Promise, all of which have three stages. The first one is also the easiest, in which you have the chance to get used to the situation. You are going to notice different types of guards, such as the ones that only move or the ones always attacking, so consider that before acting!

As you pass through the map, you are going to master a new element. You will also notice the increasing difficulty, so collect as many hearts and chi balls as you can to stay in shape!

Watch out for the Fire Nation!

There is also a puzzle part in the game, where you have to move blocks to pass a room. The colored blocks have a switch of the same shade, which lowers them. If you see that the grey ones are not dropping down, then it means you haven’t defeated all the enemies!

You can use these blocks to your advantage, especially when fighting with Zuko. His fire bending skills cause significant damage, which can be blocked with these cubes. Make sure you keep them up and attack from afar.

As soon as the prince loses, he will become your new ally, and another quest awaits for you. Now you two have to follow the dragons’ movements to unlock fire bending! Hit the keys on the screen in the given order and stay safe from the monsters!

Useful tips

If you think the dialogues are boring or find yourself repeating a certain level, you can skip them by pressing the Spacebar. There are also three medals per Book. You don’t have to get them to pass the level, as they are entirely optional.

The guards will not attack you unless you get close to them, so make sure you go unnoticed! And when you find the best opportunity to hit, hold Z, X, C, or V for a special attack. Moreover, you can double-press a movement key to move faster.

The Promise requires a unique code for you to play it, but make sure you keep it a secret! Enter ‘’air, fire, fire, earth, lotus’’ to unlock Zuko and use his special fire bending abilities. But don’t forget that he doesn’t have Aang’s dashing skills, and he will move a little slower.

Navigate through all four nations, master the rest of the elements, and finally beat the terrifying Lord Ozai!