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Represent one of the Four Nations in the Avatar: Arena game! Choose your character, customize it, and enter the tournament to be remembered as a master!

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Participate in the greatest tournament of all times with the Avatar: Arena game! You will have to compete against representatives of the Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. Keep in mind that everyone is more than prepared for this challenge. Are you in?

Defeat all of your opponents and win not only the highest score, but also be remembered as the best of the best! You'd better be ready because there's a long, rough battle waiting for you.

How to Play

The famous championship will be judged by the almighty Kyoshi, Avatar of the Earth Kingdom. The main objective of the game is to beat all 20 bending masters in two rounds each and become the ultimate Bender! You will see many names, such as Nomis, Wild Haggis, or Galtor.

The first step you need to follow is picking the element you want to use - earth, water, air, or fire. If it helps you with anything, the only female character is the Water Bender. Next, you can customize his or her clothing, more precisely their head, arms, top garments, and pants, all while maintaining the representative colors.

Now that you created your hero, it is time you get started! We suggest you try training first, where you will practice bending skills by breaking a stone statue. When you feel ready, you can finally enter the tournament. You will meet your adversaries one by one, from the least powerful to the best one.

Hit them when they least expect it!

To control your character, use the Left and Right arrow keys to move backward and forward, and press the Spacebar to attack. There is also a unique and more powerful move, which is the Chi Attack. You can use it by holding the Down button, then continuously click the Spacebar to fill the Chi bar.

Although those are moves that every Bender can use, all the Element Benders have specific combo moves, which are shown before the first match starts. For example, Water Masters can try the following combination for a special attack: Down arrow key, Left arrow key, Spacebar. As for defense, the standard move is made by pressing the Left key.

Once you manage to be at the top, you can take a look at the high score list and compare your results to the rest of the players'. But if you lost a match on the way there, don't worry! You can try as many times as you wish.

Beat all 20 bending masters to impress Kyoshi and become the winner of the grand tournament among all Four Nations!