Path of a Hero

With Avatar: Path of a Hero game, you can join the Last Airbender in his quest to bring balance to the universe! Are you brave enough to accompany him?

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Join Aang in his journey to master all elements with Avatar: Path of a Hero game! This young boy might look quite ordinary, but he is far from that. After being frozen in an iceberg for a hundred years, he comes back to life as a twelve-year-old in a world engulfed by war.

What is more, he is the last of the Airbenders, people that can use the power of the wind to defend themselves and attack their enemies. Fascinating, right? Are you ready to head out on a challenging mission accompanied by this exceptional boy? Then get ready for a thrilling, action-packed game!

Choose your journey and learn how to handle your hero!

From the very beginning of the game, you are faced with an essential choice. The story of this game is divided into two segments, each one of them involving a different storyline. Part one takes place in a beautiful forest, filled with evil Fire Nation soldiers. They are headed to the Northern Water Tribe, a peaceful population of Waterbenders. Can you stop them in time, then flee the forest?

The second part will force Aang to practice newly earned skill! As the Fire Nation gets closer to the village, our hero will need to use both water and air to face his enemies. Will he adapt quickly, or will he fail?

The faster you learn how to control Aang, the better your score will be! Use the Up arrow to jump or double jump and press the Left and Right arrow buttons to run or dash in the respective direction. Press the Z key to use an air attack or press X to yield water.

The best feature of the game is the fact that you can call for the help of Katara, Aang's compassionate friend, and Appa, the loyal air bison. Can you believe that they can come flying in at any time and freeze up all enemies? However, you can only use them three times in each part, so only call on them when you are in a very sticky situation!

Use these tips to reach the end of your journey!

An essential aspect of this game is the fact that you need to keep a close eye on the upper part of the screen. Here you can check on the time, as well as your remaining number of lives, and your health bar. You start each level with three chances to reach your final goal. Be careful not to get hit too often or fall too far! It will cause you to restart at the latest checkpoint, setting you back in your journey. 

How many points can you collect? Look out for the glowing icons and gather as many as you can. What is more, you should make sure that you are as fast as lightning! If you manage to reach the endpoint in under five minutes, you will receive extra points! 

Another helpful strategy is based on the types of enemies you will encounter. Not all of them are created equal! For instance, your limited powers can only knock down your foes, so you'd better run before they get back up! What is more, some of them are virtually impossible to defeat. Your only option is to avoid them and their menacing fireballs! 

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join Aang and stand by his side as he faces dangerous foes. Will he succeed in his mission? The faith of the Northern Water Tribe lies in your hands!