Rise of the Phoenix King

Avatar Aang has to defeat Lord Ozai in the Rise of the Phoenix King game. Using his powerful air blasts, control the bending character, and help him win!

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About Rise of the Phoenix King Game

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The Avatar World’s fate will be decided with a fight between Aang and the Fire Lord Ozai. Play the Rise of the Phoenix King game to become the hero of the four nations! The ruler may seem impossible to beat, but everything is possible if you work hard enough!

You can control the Air Bender and use his attacks to your liking. Take part in the ultimate battle and defeat the malicious leader once and for all! Fight as much as you can so your results will be remembered in the score list.

Learn how to guide your warrior!

Controlling your character is quite simple. Use A and D buttons to move left or right on the pillars, and W and S to make Aang jump and duck to avoid enemy’s attacks.

To defeat Lord Ozai, you have to send powerful airwaves his way. You can do so by holding down the Left click and sliding it towards the leader for a normal attack. For the blast attack, you should do the same, but draw a loop with your mouse in the process and aim for the target. The attacks can also be used as a defense, as they cancel Ozai’s fires when reaching them.

The game consists of multiple fights between the two benders. It takes three hits for Aang to lose a battle, and, unfortunately, they will not restore after each level. Thus, it’s all about fighting as much as you can. The Lord, on the other hand, has three lives at first, but he gets harder and harder to beat as you advance in stages.

Use the pillars to your advantage!

The columns can act as a shield for the fire strikes. Thus, they take damage as well, and it takes three regular attacks from Aang to destroy a piece, while it requires only two from Ozai. The blast waves don’t affect the poles at all. Moreover, you can’t jump on each other’s set of pillars.

Achieve the highest score you can! One successful attack gives you 50 points. Finishing stages can also raise your results, with two hundred units at first. This number will gradually increase with each level.

Even though you keep winning, Lord Ozai will keep saying that you’re weak, and he will always return. Don’t get discouraged! Just prepare for the harder circumstances you will have to face in combat.

Continue your fight with the malicious ruler, or else the Avatar World is doomed!