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Train in the arena and prove your fighting skills in the Super Fall Brawl Game! Compete against the best Nickelodeon fighters and win the Champion title!

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The Nickelodeon city is boasting with enthusiasm in the Super Fall Brawl Game! Summer has long passed, and it's time for the most expected event of the year: The Super Brawl Championship.

All the town's folks have shown up to enroll for the competition. You should already be familiar with most of them: Fanboy, Otis, Timmy, SpongeBob, Patrick, Rico, King Julien, Aang, Dany Phantom, Dr. BlowHole, and even Bessie Higgenbottom. What do you say? Would you give it a go?

Compete against the best fighters in Nickelodeon city and prove your skills in battle. Choose your character and try to make it to the top of the hierarchy match by match. Be warned: this one will take more than just muscles to win.

To become the World's Champion, you must observe, use your intelligence and come up with a fighting strategy against your opponents. Do you think you've got what it takes for this challenge?

Let's start with the basics!

There are three modes you can play. You should start off with Training until you learn the moves. Firstly, let's select your character. Choose your favorite Nickelodeon figure or go for the one you think is skillful enough to take the others down.

Moving onto controls, the first thing you ought to do is learn how to walk around, by using the Left and Right Arrow Keys. If you want to avoid your enemy, press the Up Arrow Key to do a high jump. Should the enemy attack you, use the Down Arrow Key to block him.

Once you get the hang of it, we can move to attacks and tactics. To use your upper body parts, press the Z Key. That will throw a forceful punch right in the face of your enemy. Be careful, though, it's really tricky to use this maneuver on smaller opponents. Now, if you want to unbalance your rival, use the X Key to do a leg kick that will throw him off his feet.

Test your super-powers in the competition!

Every hero has his unique powers, so make sure to test them all out in Training before you decide which character suits best. Should you encounter a stronger, taller enemy, hold both the Up Arrow Key and the X key pressed down at once. That will perform a jump attack that's going to even the chances.

To activate your special power, press the Left, the Right Arrow, and the X Key, in that specific order. Go ahead and see what's going to happen!

Once you're done with Training and are sure you can withstand combat, go to Arcade mode to fight a real opponent. Gain skills and experience, learn all the other characters' tricks, and develop a strategy. When you feel ready, you can head to the World Tournament to win The Super Brawl and become the best warrior of the year!

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