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Fight your way to the top in the Super Brawl 2 Game! Enter the competition against your favorite Nickelodeon characters and win the prize for yourself!

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It's time for some adrenaline-filled action in the Super Brawl 2 Game! The most anticipated event of the year is taking place right now in Nickelodeon city: The Super Brawl Championship! Anyone who dares to enter the games will compete against the biggest names in the fighting industry! All you dear, adventurous characters are up for a fight: SpongeBob, Aang, Sheen, Plankton, Skipper, Otis, and many more!

Do you think you've got what it takes for this daunting challenge? If you sign up for it, you will have to use all your skills and energy to bring these warriors down one by one.

Prove yourself in the arena, outsmart your enemies with combined moves, and stand the strongest of attacks. Your aim is to become the ultimate Brawl Master! Try to win 10 tournaments and face off against your hardest challenge yet!

How to Play!

You must first learn the basic fighting moves to get you started in the competition. Use the Left and Right arrow keys for moving around. Should you need to withstand an attack, use the Down arrow key to block your enemy. To avoid a punch or a special attack, press the Up arrow key and jump above your opponent's area of reach.

Another two moves you ought to remember are the arm punches ( X Key) and the leg kicks ( Z Key). Use them to drain your rival of health and win the fight.

Tip: If your enemy is blocking you, use the Jump Attack combination to ditch his defense and storm onto him. Making the Jump Attack is easy; Simply press both the Up Arrow Key and the Z key simultaneously.

For the final, we've got a little surprise for you. Each Hero has its unique Special Attack move. So make sure to try them all out before you choose the one that suits you best. To activate it, press: Left + Left + X Key, in this specific order.

Now you're ready to step into your first battle! However, don't forget to check on your health bar every now and then. When it gets depleted, the round is lost! You can see your health bar and your opponent's at the top of the page.

Choose your fighting style!

There are four modes that you can try. You should start off with the Arcade mode, which is a training environment. Here you get to choose your character, opponent, and background. Go ahead and start learning its moves and tricks.

Once you feel ready, advance your way through the Tournament Mode, one challenge at a time. This time the game chooses your rival and keeps track of your progress along with the gameplay. If you are happy with one of your battle scores, you can sign it up on the leaderboard.

Two fighters are better than one; everybody knows that. The Tag Team Mode is about teamwork and collaboration. Pick a partner and Brawl together in this brand new feature. Fight your way through the game until either you or the rival team gets knocked out.

Survival Mode is the ultimate challenge. See how many enemies you can defeat with just one bar of health.

Now that you know the rules go ahead and Brawl away!

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